top gear!


Top Gear is an 2022 Telugu film directed by Shashikanth and K. V. Sridhar Reddy produced this movie. Aditya Movies & Entertainment is the production company behind it.

CAST: Aadi Sai Kumar, Riya Suman, Brahmaji in lead roles.

TELUGU SWAG RATING: 2.3 out of 5 stars

Top Reviewers:

TELUGU 360 (Rating: 2.25/5):

‘Top Gear’ comes with bright production values. The story could have been tighter. The performances and the well-executed climax deserve a pat on the back.

Great Andhra (Rating: 2/5):

Overall, “Top Gear” is not an entertaining thriller. The narrative never goes on top gear but runs like an L-board drive in first gear.

Mirchi9 (Rating: 1.75/5):

Overall, Top Gear is a thriller that happens over one night. It offers some twists here and there, but they lack the desired impact due to poor execution. Eventually, it looks like a movie more suited for OTT than a theatrical viewing.

123TELUGU (Rating: 2.75/5):

On the whole, Top Gear is a passable crime thriller with a few interesting thrills. There is nothing new that you will see here but the director has narrated the film in a way that you do not get bored and connect with the plot in a few areas.

Times Of India (Rating: 3/5):

Top Gear is this reviewer’s final review for the year and thankfully it doesn’t disappoint. Grab some popcorn and watch it with your family if you’re game for some good entertainment. The film’s ending also hints that a part two might be on the way.

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