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SURAVAJHALA  SUDHAKAR debuted through movie SUBHALEKHA of K.Viswanath in 1982, he is known as SUBHALEKHA SUDHAKAR on screen after his roled in his first movie. He is a comedian turned into a supporting actor with the fame of delivering decent performance. He made his own identity with his baritone voice and diction. He acted in more than 100 films, including a few Tamil movies. He was born on 19, November 1960, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. He is busy on a small screen and made his identity and earned many awards.

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Sudhakar played a vital role in the movie Sitara directed by Vamsi, in 1983 by name Devadoss. He meets Kokila (Bhanupriya) in a train devastated after the death of her brother and lover Raju (Suman). Devadoss being a cine journal Photographer by profession rescues her and gives her name of a cine journal SITARA accidentally. She will get an opportunity as a heroine with the efforts of Devadoss and becomes a popular star. Devadoss will become a friend and secretary to her. Once Sitara gets an offer to go to a place for the shoot which belongs to her past life. She disagrees with Devadoss, they get into a heated conversation which compels her to reveals her past. It will be overheard by his friend who shares the details with an editor who is curious about Sitara’s past. He publishes her story which makes her annoyed and misunderstands Devadoss, he leaves her as he considers himself guilty. Devadoss will get a clue about Raju’s presence, with the help of his friend he starts searching for Raju. In the due course, they meet Nanchari an acquaintance of  Raju, through her Raju will be informed about Sitara.  After a lot of melodrama eventually, Devadoss will find Raju and take him to Sitara, where she is on a shoot of killing herself as a climax in the movie. Finally, Raju meets Sitara with the help of Devadoss. Though It was his second movie Sudhakar acted the role of an experienced actor.

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He married to Playback Singer S.P.Sailaja in 1989, and the couple has a son Sreekar Born on1991.


He is known for his roles in successful Tamil television soaps such as Chithi, Anni, Kolangal and Thendral. He has received many awards, including a Nandi Award for the Telugu serial Mamathala Kovela.


He also played notable roles in movies like Shiva, Mantri Gari Viyyankudu, ladies Tailor, Aaa Naluguru.

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