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Rajendra Prasad as Tailor Sundaram

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GADDE RAJENDRA PRASAD a versatile actor of Telugu Film Industry was born on 19, July 1956, at Nimmakuru, Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. A ceramic engineer turned as supporting actor, comedian, and comedic Hero then Producer. He debuted in his teens through a movie SNEHAM in 1977 directed by Bapu. He enacted many numbers of roles as a supporting actor till Vamsy’s Ladies Tailor in 1986. There were many comedians in Telugu cinema but he is the first comedic hero. He has not followed the trend, he was a trendsetter.

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Movie Ladies Tailor directed by N.Vamsy 1986, he played a lead role as SUNDARAM, a talented lazy Tailor of a tiny village on the banks of Godavari. Who speaks a peculiar Telugu language prefixing a Telugu letter” Ja “ before the words. Which had become popular among the audience of those days? He believes that only luck will make him rich. However, a soothsayer by name Addadiddala Hanumantu(Rallapalli) predicts that he will become rich if he marries a woman with a mole on her thigh. This will send him off on a rib-tickling journey, in pursuit of his fortune. He flirts with many women in the village and promises all of them that he would marry them. The rest of the story revolves around how he deals with each lady with his talent and deceit.

Finally, he misidentifies Sujatha (Archana) as the lady having a mole on her thigh. He tries to the best of his ability to attract Sujatha, She also loves him but unaware of his intentions. In the end, everyone discovers the truth and Venkataratnam (Pradeep Shakthi) the caretaker of the village beats him badly, but the ladies who got cheated by him approves his goodness by saying that he never crossed his limits. They will forgive him and he tries to atone for his mistake by apologizing to all the women he cheated. He realizes that hard work can only make the man rich but not the luck. Sujatha also forgives him and she marries Sundaram. His assistant, Sita Ramudu (Subhalekha Sudhakar) ends up marrying the girl with the mole, remains a big jolt to Sundaram.

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He happened to watch the shooting of the film TATAMMA KALA of NTR, he wanted to enter the film industry. With the suggestion from NTR and Trivikrama Rao, he joined an acting school.


His collaboration with director Jandhyala in Aha Naa Pellanta established him as a star overnight. He also had a very successful collaboration with directors Vamsy and EVV. Satyanarayana, S.V.Krishna Reddy, and Relangi Narasimha Rao. Notably, Relangi made 32 films with Rajendra Prasad out of 70 films directed by him.


He has garnered 4 Nandi Awards as Best character actor and even our former Prime Minister of India P.V.Narasimha Rao was a big fan of Rajendra Prasad. He also performed crucial roles in films like Julai,  Aagadu, and S\o Satyamurthy in recent years.

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