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KOTA SRINIVASA RAO veteran Telugu actor was born on 10, July 1947 in Kankipadu, Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. Kota, who started his acting career in theatre, made his cinematic debut in 1978 Telugu film “Pranam Khareedu” Having started his career in brief character and comic roles, Kota went on to become one of the finest villains and supporting actor of Telugu filmdom. He is popular for speaking Telugu in different dialects flawlessly.

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Movie Chupulu Kalasina Subhavela, Kota Srinivasa Rao played a role as Gurunadham, who used to speak pure grammatical Telugu and uses a horse instead of modern day vehicles. His diction, dressing, and behavior became very popular among the audience. Even his son Ananda Mohan (Mohan) never understood his language. Anand loves Padma the daughter of Nagalingam (Nutan Prasad) adapted by his brother Panduranga Rao (Veerabhadra Rao). Nagalingam is dead against to love marriages it creates misunderstanding between brothers and leads to the partition of property and mother will go out of the home. Gurunadham will bring her to his home and he feels sorry for his son marriage, which created a rift between brothers, hence he motivate his son to reunite the brothers by any means.

Gurunadham may confuse the people with his language but he is kind-hearted and progressive in thought. He always thinks about the welfare of others who are around him. Ananda Mohan recognizes his father’s greatness and feels sorry for not understanding him properly. Ananda Mohan will take his friends to help they will confuse and misinterpret Nagalingam about his daughter. Ananda Mohan and his friend will be on the job, Meanwhile, Gurunadham runs other track with help of Nagalingam ’s wife and he misleads him as if his wife having affair with him. Deeply heart Nagalingam will change his mind, he feels sorry for his adamant behavior, finally accepts the marriage. Gurunadham will play a pivotal role in all the dramas played by them to bring the change in Nagalingam. Hence we can not Judge a book by its cover, Gurunadham’s character will prove the same. He may be boring by his language and dressing but he is a real human being.

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Some of his best villain roles were in the films “Ganesh”, “Gayam”  and Chinna. As supporting actor, he proved his mettle in films such as “Aa Naluguru” and Pellaina Kothalo” KASAIAH role in PRATHIGHATANA movie of director T.Krishna gave him a big break.


He is the recipient of Six Andhra Pradesh State Government Nandi AWards. In 2015 he received India’s fourth highest Civilian honor Padma Shri for his contribution to Indian Cinema.

He initially started his career in stage and drama plays during his college days. He is a bachelor of science graduate and worked as a State Bank Of India employee before coming to the film industry.

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