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BETHA SUDHAKAR is a Telugu and Tamil hero at his early days of career, later he turned in to character artist and a comedian. He also produced seven movies in Telugu. He was born 18, May 1959, in Markapuram, Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh. He is famous for his peculiar voice modulation. He became a popular comedian in 1980s and 90s by his dialogue accent. After intermediate Sudhakar joined the Madras Film Institute in 1976, Megastar Chiranjeevi and Hari Prasad were his classmates in the Institute.

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Peddarikam was a 1992 film, based on a rivalry between two families of the same village Basava Punnamma (Bhanumathi) and Parvathaneni Parasu Ramaiah (N.N.Pillai). Sudhakar played a role by name Prasad as a close friend of Krishna Mohan (Jagapathi Babu) youngest son of Parasu Ramaiah. Krishna Mohan enacts a fake love with Janaki (Sukanya), Prasad encourages him to do so, to take revenge. Later it will turn into real a love, the couple will be irked to express it before family members because of their rivalry. Prasad will come to Krishna Prasad with a bombshell like news that one of his brothers Ramakrishna got married to women and also have kids with her. Seeking support for his marriage they reach out to her which eventually leads both Rama Krishna and Krishna Mohan to be thrown out of the home. Prasad entertained the audience with his innocently messing up nature, as in most of the scenes he tries to help Krishna Manohar but which leads into a deep trouble for the Duo.The role of Prasad in the movie drives the narrative through different twists, though he is not the main character of the movie. Being a sidekick his character has some unique moments with Krishna Manohar’s brothers and Janaki’s uncle which were hilarious in such a serious drama. He made this character unforgettable with all his acting skills and peculiar dialogue modulation.

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Sudhakar got the first chance as a hero with actress Radhika in a Tamil movie Kizhakke Pogum Rail directed by Bharathiraja,   which was the super hit. He then established himself as an actor in Tamil, enjoyed a 100 day run in three of his very few Tamil Movies. He and Radhika were a hit pair, acting together in 11 films.


He won the Nandi Award for best comedic role twice for the film Peddarikam and Snehitulu, he acted more than 600 films in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi.


He was a producer too, He produced 4 films in Telugu language, Yamudiki Mogudu was his debut film as a producer in 1988 which was a blockbuster those days.

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