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KURUMADDALI LAKSHMI NARASIMHA RAO, SUTTI VELU on screen was born on August 7, 1947, at Bhogireddypalli, Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh and died on 16 September 2012 at Chennai. He was an Indian film Character actor and comedian known for his works in Telugu Cinema. He was regarded as one of the finest comic actors in Telugu and his partnership with Veerabhadra Rao is very popular and the duo was nicknamed as Sutti Janta. Sutti Velu’s comedy spanned from 1980 to 2000 in Tollywood. He is famous for his dialogue timing.

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VELU is a versatile actor who has depicted different roles in his career. He got recognized as multi-talented and he never crossed the limits on the screen with his charecters. Interestingly Jandhyala and T.Krishna encouraged him by giving him different roles in their movies. His thespian experience helped him a lot to perform on the screen. He justified his character as Gurunadham an assistant to veerabhadra Rao in Nalugu stambalata movie. As a loyal assistant who never contradicts the boss, and at the same time he tries to curtail him with his presence of mind. The way in which he explains the different types of hammers got a lot of applause from the audience. A speech with hard words is Iron hammering, a smooth speech as rubber hammering, and political speech as mass hammering. Likewise, he defines different types of hammerings to the daughter of his boss. Not only that he tried his level best to co-relate the hammering to epic Ramayana, while Bharata requests Rama to come back and take the throne, but Rama also rejects and convinces him to take his padukaas as a representative of him and rule. Being given patient listening Bharata comments that, brother you would have told just one word that,  “ I CAN’T COME” instead of HAMMERING.

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He started his film career with “Mudda Mandaram” movie of Jandhyala in 1980, and he acted in many Jandhyala  movies, which made him popular among the audience.


During his childhood, he was very lean, so one of his neighbors jaanakamba used to call him as velu (meaning finger in Telugu). After the success of Nalugu Stambalata, people started identifying him as Sutti Velu.


He also acted in popular Telugu comedy serials such as Anando Brahma on Doordarshan and lady detective on ETV.


He garnered Nandi Award for Best Supporting Actor for VANDE MATARAM (1985). He was awarded Nandi Award three times as Best Male Comedian for DEVALAYAM(1985), GEETANJALI (1989) and MASTARI KAPURAM (1990).

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