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Sindhooram is a 1997 Telugu message oriented film written & directed by Krishna Vamsi. The film dealt with the intricacies of Naxalism in Andhra Pradesh. Director Krishna Vamsi put his sincere effort at analyzing, the problem of corruption which leads to disillusionment among the young and perpetuates violence within a society. The film received positive reviews upon release and gathered a cult following. The film was garnered the National Film Award for the Best feature film in Telugu and the Nandi Award (Silver) for the best feature film. But Sindhooram Movie was a box-office disappointment.

[qodef_dropcaps type=”square” color=”” background_color=””]T[/qodef_dropcaps]he movie begins with a cadre of police constables on their way back to home after completing their election duty they will be killed by blowing a landmine under their vehicle by a group of Naxals. This will create a panic condition among the police force. The overall message of the movie is that when people have nothing to lose, they will not shy away from taking the law into their hands. When the common man is denied justice from official channels, he will seek the justice from whoever will give it to him. When justice becomes luxury, society will turn to chaos and will try to snatch justice as drowning man will grasp for breath. 

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Bulli Raju(Brahmaji) a trainee police officer belongs to a village nearby Godavari river returns on leave in the middle of his training for an eve of the festival. Police will pick up Sattipandu one of his friends with a suspicion of having relation with Naxals. Bulli Raju having seen the local policemen act more like the henchmen of the rich rather than defenders of the people and justice. He is the man who believes in equal justice to all.He objects the arrest of Sattipandu, furious inspector picks up Bulli Raju too. Inspector torchers Sattipandu and shoots him before the eyes of Bulli Raju. He loses his control and attacks the inspector with vengeance, Unfortunately, the police officer will be killed in a misfire. Bulli Raju will escape from the scene of offense, he will be rescued by Naxals, who came to rescue Sattipandu. He is forced to take the shelter of Naxals, who is not having any ideology of such, he will think of confessing, meanwhile, political leaders and the police will brand him as a PLANT of Naxals into the police department. He stays back with them and will become the leader of the group in a dramatic condition. Brahmaji as a newcomer in a lead role performed to the best of his efforts and got the application of critics and audience.

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Sita an innocent girl of the village will get rapped by the kins of the feudal lords of the village and having burnt their hut which leads to the killing of her family members. She will be brought to the Naxals for justice. Bulli Raju will take a lead in punishing the culprits. Bulli Raju and his associates will enter the village and pick them to a gathering. Bulli Raju will encourage and provocate Sita by powerful words to take the revenge against them. Sita influenced by Bulli Raju will beat them and make their condition worse and all of them will be killed by the Naxals. The performance of Brahmaji reaches to peak while encouraging Sita to take revenge. The leader of the Naxals identifies the fire in him during this episode. Later he will be made as leader of the group, despite having no in interest in communism and Maoism or Vigilantism, he brings a different approach to Naxalism as he is more focused on delivering justice to the people rather than spreading the ideology, in a way he turns the Naxals group into a vigilante group. At the end Police will kill one by one through different means and OSD (Bhanuchander)will complete the operation successfully.

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