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DEVADASU is a movie adapted from Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's Bengali novel Devdas in 1953. Devadasu continues to be Sarat's most successful and controversial novel. Sarat Chandra’s works have a sense of timelessness which makes them cinema friendly. The fascination of directors for this writer never seems to be diluted. The audience never fails to be trapped by its hypnosis. Sarat made the tragedy as BOX OFFICE material by his timelessness writing. The greatness of Devdas lies in its never changing adolescence. Devadas is one of the most often made and remade film in the history of Indian Cinema. Devadasu was directed by Vedantam Raghavaiah and produced by D.L.Narayana under the production banner of Vinoda Pictures.

[qodef_dropcaps type=”square” color=”” background_color=””]T[/qodef_dropcaps]he story is all about Devadas, a feudal lord’s son, falling in love with a poor girl Parvathi. Due to the difference in wealth and class, the weak-willed youngster will not able to marry his childhood playmate and sweetheart. Parvathi marries an old and wealthy man as an act of revenge. Devadas cannot forget Parvathi and to dispel his frustration he succumbs to alcohol. A clean hearted prostitute Chandramukhi befriends him but he runs away in a bad health and goes to meet Parvathi and he dies.

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Devadasu (ANR), the son of Ravulapalli Zamindar(SVR) and Parvathi (Savitri) a neighbor and childhood friend turns into his girlfriend. When Parvathi’s grandmother talks about the alliance, the Zamindar refuses. However, Parvathi secretly meets Devadasu and urges him to accept her as his wife. Devadasu surprised at her visit, sends her away in a hurry without listening to her because he is more worried about the social tabu. Devadasu goes back to the city, undergoes a lot of Struggle about his love and responsibility as a son. As a Youngster he will not be able to decide the right choice, finally, he declares his inability to marry Parvathi through a letter saying that he cannot defy his parents. It was a big jolt to Parvati, in order to avenge his rejection she accepts to marry a middle-aged Zamindar to show that she will also be a wealthy woman after her marriage. Devadasu will rush back to the village, but the situation is out of their hands, they are bound to accept the happenings silently.

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Restless Devadasu will rush back to the city, the roommate, and friend Bhagawan (Peketi Sivaram) An easy going dependent man will give him alcohol to make him sleep; And then he will take him to a prostitute by name Chandramukhi (Lalita). But he hesitates to stay there he goes away and continue consuming alcohol. Lovelorn and heartbroken, Devadasu turns a chronic alcoholic wreck, in an inebriated condition with a just a street dog for company, he renders the song “JAGAME Maya” that brings out his inner turmoil, about self and reality. An old servant of him and Chandramukhi who are in search of him at the dead of the night, spots him under a lamp post beneath the street dustbin, with a street dog in his lap. The audience at any time will get melted to see the pathetic condition of Devadasu.ANR who made Devadasu an immortal character in the hearts of every moviegoer with his scintillating portrayal.

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