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Rallapalli Venkata Narasimha Rao popularly known  by his surname “Rallapalli” born 10th October 1955 in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh made his mark in Telugu and Tamil cinema.

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Ladies Tailor movie, directed by Vamsi written by Tanikella Bharani released on 26  Nov 1986 in which Rallapalli played a vital role.

Its a story about Sundaram, a lazy tailor who believes that only LUCK will make him rich.  Rallapalli plays a soothsayer, sends him off in search of PADMINI JAATHI STREE.  Rallapalli tells Sundaram that he will become rich if he marries a woman with a mole on her thigh. Movie runs in the process of discovering this women, whenever Sundaram finds a woman a voiceover of Rallapalli haunts him by chanting PADMINI JAATHI STREE.

Rallapalli was selected for the role of dead body photographer character by Vamsi. But Tanikella Bharani proposed actor Dham who appears to be a dead body. Tanikella Bharani proposed his guru Rallapalli for soothsayer Addadhiddala Hanumantu character. Strength of the character is important than the length, which has been proved by this iconic character. This character appears for few minutes on screen but the influence carries through out the movie.

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Rallapalli made his entry through  Thoorupu Velle Railu directed by Bapu in 1974.

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He played a pivotal role as a transgender in movie Bombay directed by Mani Ratnam.


He acted in about 850 films in a variety of roles including lead actor. He secured Nandi award as best male comedian in 1986.

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