Krishna Vamsi didn’t wanted to be Ram Gopal Varma!

KRISHNA VAMSI planned an adventurous movie titled ‘Anyayam’ after Gulabi. He narrated the story to Nagarjuna and got his approval. As the lead role in the story is a Deep Sea Pearl hunter, Krishna Vamsi left to Visakhapatnam in search of locations. He planned to shoot seven songs with a backdrop of seven seas around the globe. While he was in Visakhapatnam a stranger recognized him and appreciated his work as debut director for Gulabi movie. The stranger commented that he has dealt the movie similar to his guru Ram Gopal Varma, which was hurting to Vamsi as he doesn’t want to get recognized as the replica of his Guru. Then he dropped the idea of one more action movie and decided to plan a family story with an inspiration of Hum Aapke Hain Koun which was resulted in Ninne Pelladtha. A family drama with lot of entertainment as main element,  which has brought him a new image which he expected. A blockbuster of 90s and also it has brought a new image to Nagarjuna too. He has  got elevated as GREEKU VEERUDU of Silver Screen.

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