Balasubramaniam rejected Bapu’s offer!

BANGARU PICHIKA (1968) movie directed by BAPU and written by Mullapudi Venkataramana. Chandra Mohan and Vijaya Nirmala played the lead roles in the movie. It was the early days of S.P.Balasubramaniam as a singer in the industry. BAPU initially considered Balu for the lead role and called him to offer the role. He was recording the songs for the same movie and Balu got confused with Bapu’s offer. His aspirations are different, but the opportunity given by Bapu was very lucrative. However, Balu quickly made his mind to remain as a singer alone, he smoothly rejected the offer by saying that he is camera shy and he will not be able to do justice to the role. Later in his career, we have seen his acting skills in many movies and showed to the world that he is multitalented.

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