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game over


Tapsee performance, Concept, Second Half.


Dull First Half, No Emotional Connect.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Movie Info


Game Over is a 2019 Indian TamilTelugu bilingual thriller film written and directed by Ashwin Saravanan.

Cast & Crew:

Thapsee Pannu, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan.

Top Reviewers

TELUGU 360 (Rating: 3/5)

GameOver is an intelligent, engaging, new age thriller that is genuinely terrifying at couple of moments. On the flip side, first half is patchy and theme of the film is complex for masses. This film will find critical acclaim, we need to wait and see about Box-office performance.

Great Andhra (Rating: 3/5)

In the end, the film turns out be to something different within the thriller genre. It has good concept, novel screenplay and engaging moments.

Times Of India (Rating: 4/5)

The first half plays out a little longer than we would like it to, and Ashwin takes up that time to establish the plot, but Richard Kevin’s editing makes the second half racy and crisp. There are many layers to the film – both psychological and paranormal – and though the makers unravel it in their own pace, these moments are what make this film interesting.

Mirchi9 (Rating: 2.5/5)

Overall, Game Over is an interesting concept that lacks a cohesive and engaging narrative. If you want to watch something fresh irrespective of narrative issues, then make sure to give it a try. If a simple entertainment format is all you crave for in a movie then stay away.

123telugu (Rating: 3/5)

One the whole, Game Over is a psychological thriller which gets interesting in the second half. Taapsee leads from the front with her standout performance. A slow first half and confusing narration in certain places are drawbacks. This film is clearly for the multiplex audience as the common man may might find things slightly confusing. If you manage to sit through the dull first half, things get really interesting in this thriller and make up for a decent watch this weekend.

The Hans India (Rating : 3/5)

Director Ashwin Saravanan will definitely get the success credit for this film. He has narrated the story in a really interesting way. Instead of adding unnecessary elements, the director has made sure to be on point and succeeded in narrating the story in an interesting way from the start to the end. Also, there are some shocking twists in the film which will make us jump from the chairs. Game Over is a superbly written and a well made trippy new age thriller with awesome performances by Taapsee

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