Brochevarevarura is a romantic comedy entertainer movie directed by Vivek Athreya and produced by Vijay Kumar Manyam while Vivek Sagar scored music for this movie.

CAST: Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Thomas, Satya, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rahul, Priyadarsi.

TELUGU SWAG RATING: 2.8 out of 5 stars

Top Reviewers:

TELUGU 360 (Rating: 3/5):

Brochevarevarura’ is a simple story filled with good amount of fun and light dose of crime theme. SreeVishnu ,Priyadarsi and Rahul Ramakrishna trio thread is energetic , their dialogues are quite natural. On flip side , second half is too flat at times with a weak climax. Overall , a decent entertainer which may appeal to youth

Great Andhra(Rating: 2.75/5):

Brochevarevaru Ra’ is a crime comedy. Situational comedy, characterizations, breezy screenplay in the first half are its assets. On the other hand, the second half comes undone with convenient, half-baked writing.

Mirchi9 (Rating: 2.75/5):

In the end, Brochevarevaru Ra is still a fairly engaging watch. The fresh writing the chemistry between various well-cast actors who perform to their strengths helps it sail through the troubled times.

123TELUGU (Rating: 3.25/5):

On the whole, Brochevarevarura is a crime comedy which has good fun and entertaining thrills. The fun is generated in a simple manner and keeps you hooked for the most part of the film. The lead cast performance will surely win your hearts. However, things become a bit slow and predictable in the second half but that does not stop you from having a good time watching this film. A clean comedy which will not disappoint.

Times Of India (Rating: 3/5):

Go watch Brochevarevaru Ra this weekend if crime comedy, coming-of-age films and comic capers are your cup of tea because Vivek Athreya’s film delivers all that and more. Just don’t expect the usual commercial elements or even a love story thrown in, for you will be left disappointed. Watch this one for the freshness and laidback-ness of it all and you will love it.



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