A Snippet From Sagara Sangamam!

Sagara Sangamam, one of the finest movies of Telugu Film industry directed by K. Vishwanath has set a standard for story telling. If someone wants to talk about Telugu Film history this movie is considered to be a pride jewel of it. There are so many stories and incidents which happened during the making of this movie, remembering one such incident K.Vishwanath has narrated a small story behind a scene in which Jayaprada (Madhavi) brings an invitation for All India Dance Competition with Kamal Hassan’s (Balu’s) name in it, Kamal Hassan looks at his name and starts crying out of happiness. During the shoot scripted scene was, Kamal Hassan should cry after seeing his name but while shooting and the cameras are still rolling Vishwanath shouted from his place asking Kamal to laugh loudly, initially confused kamal took his instructions and transforms his crying in to big loud laughter showing a sense of achievement. This sudden improvisation by Vishwanath and picking up the instruction at the right moment by Kamal made telugu audience witness something unforgettable. This scene was considered to be one of the most purest form of expression of an iconic actor captured on camera by a legendary director.

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