A bitter pill in SPB’s sweet journey!

SP.BALASUBRAMANYAM favorite singer of music directors of all the times, once he had a small misunderstanding with music director SATYAM. An unusual experience during aftermath celebrations of an all-time hit song recording  ” O BANGARU RANGULA CHILAKA”  of Thota Ramudu movie 1975. Prior to this Balu has given an interview to the screen in which he has explained how he has missed a chance of singing in the Hindi language, and he referred the name of a music conductor Mr. Syam who tried for him. Satyam got annoyed about this and brought the issue during the discussion and spelled a word which wounded Balu to the core, the situation turned in to unpalatable and Balu walked away with anger, on the way to home, he told to Mr. Vittal a friend and secretary of him that, he is not going to sing for Satyam from tomorrow onwards. Next morning a call from Satyam attended by Mr.Vittal and told him about Balu’s decision with a great difficulty. Satyam started calling repeatedly, finally Balu attended the phone and told him, he is not willing to sing for him, the immediate response of Satyam was “WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY SONG IF YOU DO NOT SING” Balu got melted by the affection expressed by Satyam and he accepted to attend the recording without any second thought. He has expressed this while explaining how the music directors loved him and pampered him not as a complaint. A BIG MAN WITH A BIG HEART.

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