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vishwaroopam 2


kamal hasan acting,star casting,Technical Excellence.


Bad screenplay,Over drawn,slow pace second half,climax.

3.1 out of 5 stars (3.1 / 5)

Movie Info


A prequel as well as sequel to the events that transpired in Vishwaroop (2013), this film continues the story of Indian spy Wisam (Kamal Hassan) and his crusade against Al Qaeda terrorist Omar (Rahul Bose). This time, Omar and his henchmen are out to exact revenge from Wisam and his friends, while planning bomb threats in London and Delh.

Cast & Crew:

kamal hasan,rahul bose,pooja kumar,andrea jeremiah.

Top Reviewers

TELUGU 360 (Rating: 2/5)

Vishwaroopam2 is a disappointing sequel. 90 minutes stretched first half is a patience testing one, action episodes in this installment are of lesser scale compared to its 2013 installment. On a whole, this film is no match to its predecessor. Kamal Hassan’s efforts invain in this film.

India glitz (Rating: 3/5)

'Vishwaroopam-2' could have been a much better movie with mainstream writing. Slow pace, jarring narration, and half-hearted mixture of masala and nuance are found. If you are a Kamal Haasan fan, you will love his fabulous performance. Even if you are not, it's time you become one.</p> <p>

Great Andhra(Rating: 2/5)

“Vishwaroopam 2” is dull and boring with no coherent scenes. It is superficial sequel that is totally forgettable.

The New Indian Express (Rating: 2.5/5)

Vishwaroop 2 is a classic example of overkill. This multi-lingual film has been shot in both Hindi and Tamil. And despite having some genuinely good moments, the film tries to put forth a little too much, a little too quickly. 2.25/5)

Vishwaroopam 2 is a big disappointment if one keeps the standards of the first part in mind. Seen as an independent entity, it has its moments, more so in the first half, but is overall lengthy and ends predictably.

123 (Rating; 2.25/5)

On the whole, Vishwaroopam 2 is a disappointing sequel which has nothing going its way. It’s confusing, lacks proper screenplay and does not have the expected popcorn action sequences which were a highlight of the first part. As the sequel was made years before, the story and narration lack the contemporary touch. All those who want to see the legendary Kamal Haasan on screen after a long time can try this film out but the others can take this action entertainer easy and look for something else.

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