In this movie, Nani plays dual roles and he essays the roles of both Krishna and Arjun. Krishna falls in love with the village president’s grand daughter Riya who is a doctor. Once he happens to talk to one of Riya’s friends and that guy teases Krishna by saying that Riya and himself are about to get married. Hearing that Krishna is heart-broken and resorts to self-criticism during which he confesses his love to Riya. Though Nani has done heart-broken scenes earlier, what makes this different from others is his dialogue delivery along with apt expression of his pain.


This is a romantic comedy movie where we usually don’t expect to see many emotional scenes. But the scene where Nani tries to express his love towards Nithya and at that moment, he gets to know that she is already in relationship with another guy. Nani is shattered by knowing it and in this scene, Nani displayed kaleidoscope of emotions. Here his body language, posture and facial expression give out more emotions than his dialogues which undoubtedly contributes to making him a star.


Bringing in emotional aspect in a movie that is progressing in hilarious pace is a difficult task. Enacting it in such a way that the viewers feel that emotion seeping through them is even more difficult thing to do and Nani has done it with ease and perfection. In the scene where Nani takes Nandana’s Sister-in-law to hospital, the struggle he undergoes while internally fighting his absent mindedness and his determination to take her to hospital in-time could be described as Nani’s one of the finest performances till date.

07. EEGA

In this movie, Nani has a very short duration of screen-time and it is building stone for rest of the story. Nani plays role of a happy-go-lucky person who loves Bindu, his neighbor and though she did not accept his love, he continues to do sweet things for her. Sudeep(Villain) tries to woo Bindu but he realizes that she is in love with Nani and he abducts Nani. Initially Nani pleads Sudeep to leave him and asks him for reason as to why is being beaten up. When Sudeep tells him that he is after Bindu, Nani becomes ferocious and warns Sudeep without caring for his own life which shows his love and possessiveness. This emotion justifies the revenge plot which forms rest of the story.


It is very hard to choose one scene from this movie. There are so many emotional scenes where Nani has done an outstanding job. But one scene towards the climax is where he realizes after a long struggle to win his love back, that it is right for his love Pallavi to stay married to Arun. After that, he leaves the house with a mixed emotion of being heart-broken and the same time happy for helping them unite. At that moment, without a single dialogue he leaves the audience teary-eyed and makes everyone feel the exact same emotion he is going through which is called ‘living in the character’.


Nani is known for him timely humor and spontaneous comedy. But very few realize that Nani is king of Emotional acts. In this movie Nani plays the roles of both Gautham and Jai. A particular scene in this movie where Gautham(Nani) confesses the truth to Nivedha Thomas about how Gautham ended up being in the place of Jai and the events that caused Jai’s death, is the proof for earlier statement. With his expressions alone Nani reveals his identity which not many could do such a perfection.


This movie itself is a feast of emotions and Nani with his charm, added spice and flavors abundantly to it. The evolution of Nani’s character from being arrogant young man to becoming modest and paragon of humanity has been portrayed wonderfully. In the scene where his friend Jateeyam’s father dies and Nani supports him through the last rites, his another friend tells him that he has created a good impression with this act and could benefit from it. Nani’s response to it is priceless and his flawless performance definitely needs an applause.


Yevade Subramanyam is a thought provoking yet refreshing movie to be watched. This movie can be considered as a comeback movie for Nani who experienced continuous flops earlier. Though this movie has many emotional scenes, one particular scene where Nani helps a woman deliver her baby is best of all. After the baby is born, she asks Nani to hold her baby and the look on Nani’s face clearly shows that his perception of life has changed completely. This movie defines AD and BC of the movie, AD being ‘After Development’ and BC being ‘Before Change’.


Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu is a romantic film featuring Nani in the role of a lover boy. While the story of this movie is about a couple where falling in love, getting separated, fights, misunderstandings, reunions everything is part of their love journey. At some point, they both feel that their relationship has no future and Nani decides to get married to another girl but he still has feelings for Samantha. On the night before his wedding Nani and Samantha meet and go on a ride for old times’ sake. Each moment, each expression, each dialogue, each emotion from there is so amazing that this scene could be considered as the soul of this movie and Nani convinces his viewers that he still madly loves her and how hard it is for him to marry another girl.


Nani is Natural Star for a reason. In this movie, Prudhvi(Villain) kidnaps Mahalakshmi, the woman Krishna(Nani) is very much in love with and whom he wishes to make his life partner. In the scene where Prudhvi calls Krishna and makes his demands, Krishna starts pleading him to leave Mahalakshmi and when Prudhvi threatens to kill her, Krishna’s expression suddenly changes and he becomes aggressive. In a span of 30 seconds, viewers can see swift variation of expressions from grief to anger and then to pain from fear on Nani’s face and not even a single emotion was overdone.

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