Story behind Jandhayala’s acting debut!

Aapadbandhavudu is 1992, Telugu drama film starring Chiranjeevi, Meenakshi Seshadri, and Jandhyala. Poornodaya Creations office was at Mahalingapuram, Chennai in those days, everyone was busy with pre-production work. One fine morning, Director K.Viswanath received a letter from Jandhyala who stays just 200 feet away from Poornodaya office. Surprised Viswanath opened the letter and noted the content with a smile. Jandhyala through his letter expressed his interest to play the role of father character to Meenakshi, who was a writer and school teacher. Jandhyala was the writer of the movie, he had all the opportunity to meet K. Vishwanath in person and express his interest. Instead, he wrote a letter as he had immense respect towards Vishwanath and he couldn’t face him. K. Viswanath impressed by his gesture gladly gave him a chance to enact the role which has become popular.

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