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Kajal Aggarwal, First Half.


Routine Story, Predictable climax.

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

Movie Info


Sita is an 2019 Telugu-language romance film directed by Teja.

Cast & Crew:

The film stars Kajal AggarwalBellamkonda Sreenivas , and Sonu Sood the lead roles.[1][2]

Top Reviewers

123Telugu (Rating: 2.75/5)

On the whole, Sita is undoubtedly Kajal’s career-best performance and she leads from the front. Bellamkonda Sreenivas ably supports her with his sincere act but the boring and dragged second half makes the ride bumpy. If all you need is to watch Kajal in a never before seen avatar, do watch the film but there is nothing special or new which is being showcased here.

Telugu360 (Rating: 2.25/5)

Sita offers little entertainment but main storyline and narration are clichéd ones. While first half is adequate, overall it is not a satisfactory product.

Great Andhra(Rating: 2/5)

The plus points of the movie are the early sequences, Bittiri Satti’s comedy, and some entertaining dialogues. To an extent, Sonu Sood’s characterization is also fun. But, in the end, it becomes a tiresome watch.

Times Of India (Rating: 2.5/5)

Despite telling an often told story, the way Sita begins gives one hope of seeing something simple but beautiful play out on-screen with two eccentric characters leading the way. But unfortunately, that’s not what it turns out to be. Watch this one for the performances and without too many expectations and you’ll not be disappointed.

India Glitz (Rating: 2.25/5)

'Sita' comes with a fascinating premise. The story-telling is fairly decent in the first half, but the film goes for a toss later. It manufactures oldish elements, so much so, the distinction of the premise gets diluted.

Mirchi9 (Rating : 2/5)

Overall, Sita has unique awkward fun in parts which turns out to be its engaging element unintentionally. Kajal shines, and Sonu Sood provides decent support. They make it bearable in half, but the movie disintegrates as it progresses and leaves us with a dissatisfied product in the end.

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