Siri Siri Muvva from Sita Rama Sastry’s Pen!

Before starting the shoot for the movie Swarna Kamalam K. Viswanath asked Sita Rama Sastry to write few songs, after completing two songs he was given a tough assignment of writing a song for a sequence post Bhanupriya’s father’s demise. K. Vishwanath narrated the detailed story behind the song and the emotional state of different characters in that sequence. Sita Rama Sastry, asked him when does he need this song. K. Vishwanath’s reply to that was classic “You finish this song and come, then I will start the shooting of this move”. Giving him all the details about the movie and the characters he also gave him a subtle message that how important this song is for the movie. Sharing few thoughts about the same incident Sita Rama Sastry has narrated the struggle he had to undergo in coming up with the lyrics for the song. He was able to write the initial few lines of the song “Siva Puja Ku Chigurinchina Siri Siri Muvva, Mruddumanujula Pada Manjari Puchina Puvva”, he was so excited after writing these lyrics, he immediately wanted to meet K.Viswanath and take his approval. After meeting he was equally impressed and asked him to complete the song, now the real struggle has started, after raising the standard of the poetry and getting approval from K. Vishwanath he could not change the standard of the subsequent lines of the song or compromise. Finally, he was able to keep complete song lyrics it at par with the Pallavi and more over to the expectations of his guru.

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