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Fans call her “The Lady Superstar” and “Lady Amitabh”. Admirers call her “Ramulamma”. These are not just titles given to her but these are the ones that she has truly earned with her stellar performances where she cautiously balanced the 2 extreme characteristics of feminism and aggression. Some of her roles have etched a permanent place in the history of Telugu cinema. She undoubtedly was the one of the most popular and attractive personalities in India during her time. Here are 5 Fun facts about Vijayashanti who was no less than a Hero

FACT 01:

Vijayashanti performed most of the risky stunts in many films by herself. She was so dedicated that she would jump from a height of 30 feet and never cared about the injuries

FACT 02:

Her fame reached the international arena when her movie Swayam Krushi was screened at the Moscow International Film Festival and Padamati Sandhya Ragam was screened at the Louisville International Film Festival.

FACT 03:

Her remuneration for the Karthavyam movie was ₹ 1 crore, which was then the highest ever fee paid in India to a female actor and it was close to remuneration of her co-stars Rajnikanth and Chiranjeevi.

FACT 04:

Her movie Karthavyam dubbed into Tamil as Vijayashanti IPS, inspired the then 10-year old C. Indhumathi to take up the civil services exam and she got 151st rank.

FACT 05:

She won 7 Filmfare Awards South and 4 State Nandi Awards for Best Actress which is the highest number of awards any Telugu actress has achieved till date.

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