10. Boochamma Boochodu

A couple in their farmhouse are haunted by ghosts of another couple who wish to kill eachother again by possessing this couple. The director of this movie has mixedgood amount of humor with horror which keeps the viewers entertained while being scared and curious. The fun episodes with Dhanraj, Venu, Chammak Chandra, Brahmanandam and Vennela Kishore are hilarious and make this movie a worth-watch.


A village girl who is troubled by weird dreams which turn into reality falls in love with doctor and marries him. After they both shift to a penthouse, she observes some paranormal activity and the reaction of her relatives to such activity is hilarious. Saptagiri’s comedy timing attracts decent laughs in this movie. Few sequences with JP are worth a mention though they are little out of track for the script. Overall it is a good horror comedy movie with few flaws which can be watched to lighten the mood.


It is the story of a con-man who starts seeing and develops ability to communicate

with Ghosts after meeting with a near-fatal accident. In the process of fulfilling their last wishes, he realizes the truth about his parents’ demise and takes revenge on their behalf. The way he develops relationship with ghosts is very funny and such comedy elements of this movie ensure that is movie is different from the regular revenge horror stories .


It is a story of 4 ghosts haunting their ancestral home and waiting the know the reason for their deaths. A group of 4 people each with peculiar habits are assigned the job of staying at the house and proving that the house is not haunted. And due to their weirdness, they in-turn scare the ghosts which kicks-off the humor in this movie. Although there’s nothing extraordinary about the script, the narration never deviates from it making this a success factor for the film. Also, the director chose right actors to enact each role which is definitely a plus for the movie.


Ghost of an aspiring actress who commits suicide due to her failures haunts the

house where Prabhu Deva and his bride Tammannah start family together. Tammannah under the influence of ghost becomes a superstar and Prabhu Deva assists her due to agreement that she will leave them after success of one film. Prabhu Deva’s plight while being the ghost’s manager unwillingly and protecting Tammannah from love advances of her co-star Sonu Sood is tear-jerker of this movie.


A sequel to Muni and Kanchana, and with Lawrence, Nithya Menen and Tapsee Pannu in lead roles this movie kept the audience glued to their seats with excitement successfully as expected. Team of employees plan a show on ghosts to revive the channel ratings and later realize that the house they have chosen is infact haunted by spirits. A ghost possesses Nandhini (Tapsee) and the way in which she grills family members spawns the humorous part of the movie.



>It is a low-budget film released with not many expectations, became a commercially successful film. Rajugari Gadhi is a story of 7 people participating in a reality show being conducted at a haunted house. How each of the participants face and react to paranormal activity around them keeps audience entertained. With success of this film, ‘PVP movies’ has released a sequel for it with huge star cast.


Ghost of a Geetha who was exploited and abetted to suicide by her boss seeks revenge through her twin sister named Anjali. It is an exciting story with super funny comedy elements added to it. Performance of Brahmanandam in the role of Psychiatrist ‘Saitan Raj’ is commendable and leaves audience in splits. All the characters in the movie are well-organized and Rao Ramesh as antagonist has done a perfect justification to his role.


Initially the movie seems like a rom-com drama until hero realizes that he has been in love with a ghost which is in possession of some woman’s body. Actual fun starts when ghost finds another body to reach the hero and expresses her love for him. Overall its an engaging story with enthralling narrative and novelty in the story along with sensible humor keeps the audience glued to their seats.


A good story along with good humor and bone-chilling horror became

new success mantra for film makers who wish to experiment with Horror Comedy genre after this movie. Story revolves around 4 people who decide to commit suicide and gather in a Farmhouse and realize that the farmhouse is haunted. A ghost possesses heroine’s body and troubles rest of the inmates in a funny manner and more fun emerges when they try to get rid of the ghost

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