The Magic of Rayudu’s voice by Kamal and SPB!

In the movie Indrudu Chandrudu produced by Suresh Productions and directed by Suresh Krishna, Kamal Hasan played a dual role. For the Mayor character, Kamal has put an extra effort into building a different body language and also created a peculiar voice modulation for the character.  Kamal requested Balasubramanyam to sing a song for him by imitating the same grunting voice, which he spoke for the character. Balu is known for his expertise sang the song and justified it. Kamal’s wife Sarika at that time heard the song and felt that Kamal himself has sung the song. She was surprised when she came to know that Balu sang the song for Kamal. She left the studio and came back with a big flower bouquet kept at his feet and saluted him.

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