Nilambari from Narasimha

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Nilamabri from Narasimha movie is one of the best performances by Ramyakrishna in her career. The attitude of the character has been well carried by her throughout the movie in different looks. In a scene when she meets Rajnikanth after a very long time she does this stylish salute imitating his mannerism remains one of the SWAGGER worthy shot.

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Narasimha’s family is humiliated by an uncle and forced to leave their home. After working hard, Narasimha restores his family’s honor. But old enmities and a jealous Nilambari continue to stir problems.

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The film stars Rajni Kanth, Ramyakrishna and Soundarya in lead roles. Directed by K.S.Ravi Kumar and Music by A.R.Rahman.

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