Mangalavaaram is a 2023 Indian Telugu-language pyschological supernatural horror mystery film written and directed by Ajay Bhupathi, It is produced by Swathi Reddy Gunupati, Suresh Varma M., and Ajay Bhupathi, under Mudhra Media Works and A Creative Works. The music was composed by B. Ajaneesh Loknath.

CAST: Payal Rajput, Ajmal Ameer, Nandita Sweta, Chaitanya Krishna, Ajay Ghosh, Divya Pillai in lead roles.

TELUGU SWAG RATING: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Top Reviewers:

TELUGU 360 (Rating: 2.5/5):

On the whole, Mangalavaaram ends up as an average fare and it will not be a disappointment.

India Glitz (Rating: 2.25/5):

Despite the initial expectations for Mangalavaram to deliver a compelling mix of horror and thrilling elements, it falls short and ends up being more of a conventional murder mystery. Ajay Bhupathi’s attempt to bring attention to the novel concept of nymphomaniac syndrome gets overshadowed by the routine aspects of the storyline. The overall execution, including the story, screenplay, and direction, is deemed average. It becomes apparent that the film could have benefited from an infusion of more thrilling and horror elements to elevate its impact and resonate more strongly with the audience.

Mirchi9 (Rating: 2.5/5):

Overall, Mangalavaaram offers solid camera work and a background score, and most characters are passable. However, the fresh core idea makes it a decent one-time watch for the target audience.

123TELUGU (Rating: 3/5):

On the whole, Mangalavaaram deals with a unique concept, and the screenplay is quite engaging in the second hour. Payal Rajput’s character is well-designed, and the actress is at the top of her game. Mangalavaaram has also got the best technical values in recent times. However, the narrative in the first half is uneven, with not so gripping moments. You can give this film a shot for its fresh concept and strong technical values.

Times Of India (Rating: 2.25/5):

Altogether, Mangalavaram falls short of expectations on various fronts, with Ajay Bhupathi’s screenplay and direction failing to deliver a captivating experience. The storyline, apart from the unique nymphomaniac concept, turns out to be routine, lacking the necessary intrigue. The first half is marred by frivolous comedy and investigative scenes that contribute little to the overall narrative. In the second half, the attempt to emphasize Payal’s glamour falls flat, resulting in disappointment.

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