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Tejaswi Madivada is a Telugu girl who has made her proper introduction to Telugu audience as Samantha’s sister in SVSC. Through many roles after that, she made her presence felt and created a place for herself in TFI. And with Bigg Boss 2, Tejaswi became a household name. Here are 5 Fun Facts about Tejaswi, our neighborhood girl who is trying hard to prove herself in this competitive industry

FACT 01:

Tejaswi worked part-time as a dance instructor with Twist n Turns and took classes for MNCs like HSBC, Wipro, Franklin Templeton and in schools like Hyderabad Public School.

FACT 02:

Tejaswi participated at Miss Dabur Gulabari 2011, a beauty pageant, where she was the second runner-up and which reportedly got her first film offer.

FACT 03:

She made her debut through ‘Life is Beautifull(2012)’ movie as the Cameo Appearance after which she made a proper appearance in a supporting role in SVSC.

FACT 04:

When Tejaswi was infected with TB, Samantha Akkineni came forward to help her financially for surgery and stood along as a moral support.

FACT 05:

Tejaswi is a huge fan of Super Star Mahesh Babu and Akkineni Samantha and she considers Samantha as her mentor.

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