f cube ‘sreeleela’!

FACT 01:

Sreeleela was born in America. Her parents separated at a young age and she lives with her mother. She learned Bharata Natyam dance when she was a teenager. Then she studied medicine wanting to become a doctor. But, unexpectedly, she started her journey as a heroine with the Kannada film ‘Kiss’ released in 2019.

FACT 02:

Knowing the pain of the separation of her parents at an early age, adopted two children from an orphanage. So she became a mother to them in her teenage and took care of them. Not only this, but as an animal lover, social worker, and mentor, she inspires many people to do many service activities.

FACT 03:

Sreelela received a remuneration of less than Rs 5 lakh for her debut film and is said to be taken Rs 50 lakhs for her Telugu debut film ‘dhamaka’. There are very few heroines in Tollywood who received a 50 lakh reward for their first film.

FACT 04:

In the 2019 Kannada film Kiss, she has a significant role. Her most recent accomplishment was winning the SIIMA Award for Best Telugu Actress. She originally had trouble receiving permission to act in movies since she was reared in an Orthodox household.

FACT 05:

The actress became involved in a current Controversy as MR. Surapaneni Subhakara Rao is Mrs. Swarna Latha’s ex-husband. He called a press conference to deny being Sreeleela’s father. He asked the media to stop using her name alongside his on social media and in publications. Mr. Subhakara Rao further mentioned that sreleela was born after he separated or divorced Mrs. Swarna Latha.

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