f cube ‘sai pallavi’!

Fidaa beauty Sai Pallavi an actress, dancer and now a doctor. What is it about her that has left a charm on millions of fans across South India? Here are some interesting facts about the popular actress you may have not known.

FACT 01:

Were you stunned when you saw her breaking into a dance sequence in Premam? She has actually never been trained in any form of dance and in an interview she said she used to watch Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit’s videos  to learn how to dance.

FACT 02:

Pallavi is from a very tight community called Badaga, from Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu and is the first from their community to have achieved stardom. She speaks Badaga which has no script.

FACT 03:

She recently graduated in medicine from Tbilisi, Georgia. She told media recently that she would primarily like to be a doctor by profession and desires to be a cardiologist.

FACT 04:

Sai Pallavi made her on-screen debut alongside Kangana Ranaut as her friend in ‘Dhaam Dhoom’. Premam was not her first movie.

FACT 05:

Palalvi made headlines when she rejected Rs 2 crore fairness cream endorsement deal. In an interview, she was quoted as saying, “What am I going to do with the money I get from such an ad? I’ll go home and eat three chapatis or rice.”

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